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Peter G. Merrill, CDRS President and CEO, regularly receives requests from various major construction trade magazines and from various trade associations and organizations to write articles for their newsletter or magazine. This section of the CDRS website contains some of the most recent articles that have been written by Mr. Merrill and published in various magazines or newsletters. Mr. Merrill custom writes his articles for each publication keeping in mind the readership of the publication or the expertise or background of the members of the trade association or organization.

Please contact Mr. Merrill if you would like an article specially written for your organization or publication. Keep in mind that Mr. Merrill also is a recognized national speaker for various construction associations or organizations and is available to deliver standard presentations or the keynote address for construction-related conferences and meetings. 

Please click on a titles below to read the article (in Adobe PDF format)

Binding Mediation
The Time Has Come for This ADR Process
  American Bar Association Arbritation Committee
April 2017
American Bar Association Arbritation Committee
December 2016
BUILDERnews May 2009
 What Builders Need To Know About The Bailout (PDF)
Profiles Magazine Spring 2009
Green Contract Provisions(PDF)
BUILDERnews March 2009
How Builders Can Avoid Bankruptcy In A Down Market(PDF)
Profiles Magazine Winter 2009
Avoid Costly Lawsuits (PDF)
  BUILDERnews November 2008
Green Contract Language  
October 2008
New ADR System  (PDF)
August 2008
Write a Better Contract  (PDF)
BUILDERnews June 2008
Green Building Disputes Arise(PDF)
BUILDERnews April 2008
Why Contractors Are
Choosing Arbitration
Over Litigation 
Construction Litigation Committee
April 2008
New ADR Processes Revolutionize Project Dispute  (PDF)
BUILDERnews February 2008
The Perfect Retirement Career
Using Your Construction Knowledge to Help the Industry
  Construction Claims Monthly December 2007
Avoid Litigation with Creative Tools for Dispute Resolution - and Prevention (PDF)
  Contract Management Fall 2007
Handling Construction Disputes(PDF)
Litigation vs. Alternative Dispute Resolution
The New Mexico Builder
Fall 2007
Why construction Mediators and  Arbitrators need to Specialize (PDF) 
The Clause Summer 07
Plain talk about Large ConstructionProject Disputes
Contract Management
Spring 2007
Construction Dispute Review Board + Settlement Panels
Profiles Magazine Winter 2005
Agree to Disagree (PDF)
Profiles Magazine Fall 2004
Insurance Crisis Affects Industry (PDF)
Profiles Magazine Spring 2004
Issues That Impact Our Industry
Profiles Magazine Summer 2003
NKBA Examines How Codes and Standards
Affect the Kitchen and Bath Industry (PDF)
Do these two issues affect you on your job  (PDF)
August 2006
How DRBs and CSPs Save You Time, Money and Headaches (PDF)
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