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Russ Louman brings a variety of skills and experience to your mediation table.  He has spent the last 30 years within the construction industry which include being a municipality commercial, residential and industrial building inspector, ADA and building plan reviewer.  He has obtained a paralegal degree and has been an active mediator for over six years.

He is an experienced in many facets of mediation; including a Maricopa County Justice Court Mediator for Construction, Civil and Probate cases and as a Federal and State Agriculture Mediator for Arizona.


Phoenix Career College                                          A.A.S. - Paralegal Studies
Mesa College                                                            A.A.S. - Construction Management
Palomar College                                                       A.A.S. - Building Inspections
California State University - Fullerton                      B.A. - Physical Education

Dispute Resolution Education and Certifications

Maricopa County Justice Court Mediator for Construction, Civil and Probate, 2000
Federal and State Agriculture Mediator for Arizona, 2005
AZBO - Arizona Building Officials Conflict Resolution, 2000 and 1997
Superior Court of Arizona Probate Mediation training coach, 2003

Construction Education

11/2005         101 & 201 2003 International Building Code                                     Tucson, AZ
2-day course on the 2003 International Building Code sponsored by AZBO-Arizona Building Officials.
10/2002          IBC Nonstructural Provisions                                                           Phoenix, AZ
1-day course sponsored by IBC on commercial plan review
6/2002 & 6/2000       1999 NEC Code Refresher Course                                   Phoenix, AZ
5-day course sponsored by International Assn of Electrical Inspectors 
11/2001          American Disabilities Act/Fair Housing                                          Tucson, AZ
Seminar sponsored by AZBO on ADA and Fair Housing
4/2001            IRC Provisions                                                                                  Phoenix, AZ
1-day course instruction by IBC on residential plan review
5/2000            Electrical Bonding and Grounding                                                    Prescott, AZ
1-day course instructional by AZBO
5/1998            Right of Entry & Legal Aspects of Code Enforcement                 Prescott,AZ
1-day Seminar sponsored by AZBO
5/1998            Concrete Inspection - Concrete Quality and Field Practices       Prescott,AZ
1-day seminar sponsored by ICBO

 Dispute Resolution Experience

Maricopa County Justice Court
Tempe Justice Court
Arizona Superior Court
City of Scottsdale - Neighborhood mediation and employee mediation, plus assisted in the formation of Scottsdales’ community mediation program

Professional Affiliations

Arizona Assn for Conflict Resolution
Maricopa Alternative Dispute Resolution Assn - including being a one-time Board Member
Arizona Dispute Resolution Assn