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Dem Guschov has more than 30 years experience in construction dispute resolution, plus equivalent experience in the construction of major multimillion dollar buildings throughout the eastern United States. His construction experience includes general contracting, design build, construction management, estimating, engineering and supervision of buildings of virtually all types and sizes.


Projects successfully completed by Mr. Guschov include high and low rise buildings, schools, college buildings, medical centers, YMCAs, athletic centers, federal, state and municipal buildings, including fire and police stations, churches, office buildings, retirement housing developments, apartments and condominiums. Of the many projects for which he has been responsible, all have been completed on time and on budget. Mr. Guschov has extensive experience in the development, design and construction of both government and privately funded projects.


Having been selected to the ADR panels of numerous prestigious national and international organizations, Mr. Guschov has many years of arbitration, mediation and dispute review board training. This experience includes many years of arbitration and mediation training conducted in various cities throughout the country by the American Arbitration Association including Award Writing Training, Ethics Training, Construction Arbitration Training, Large Complex Case Training, Advanced Arbitrator Training, and Advanced Case Management Techniques. Additionally, Mr. Guschov has successfully completed both basic and advanced International Arbitration Training conducted by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators of London, England. Finally, he has successfully completed Dispute Review Board Training and Dispute Review Board Chairing Training conducted by the Dispute Review Board Foundation, Inc.

With respect to his dispute resolution background, Mr. Guschov has more than 30 years experience as a panel member, single arbitrator/mediator and panel chairman. This experience has involved hundreds of disputes. Cases have included disputes on projects of virtually all types and sizes and have involved evaluation and quality of construction, contract terms and conditions, change orders, delays, design defects, and incomplete and/or defective work, with claims ranging to many millions of dollars. This experience includes large treatment plants and utilities claims and disputes as well as international airport arbitration. Mr. Guschov has extensive experience for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a arbitrator and ADR service provider.

National ADR Credentials:

Selected: (1) as an arbitrator and mediator to the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR) Construction Panel ~(2) as an arbitrator and mediator to the American Arbitration Association Commercial Panel ~(3) as an arbitrator and ADR service provider to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ~(4) as an ADR specialist to the CDRS National Construction Panel.

International ADR Credentials:

Selected: (1) to the Panel of Mediators, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. London, England ~(2) the London Court of International Arbitration and its Roster of Arbitrators, London, England ~(3) the Roster of Neutrals of the Bermuda Mediation and Arbitration Centre ~(4) the Panel of Third Party Neutrals of the Canadian Foundation for Dispute Resolution. Included in the Database of Potential Arbitrators of: (1) the International Bureau of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Netherlands; (2) the European Court of Arbitration (CEA); and (3) USCIB, the American National Committee to the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).


American Bar Association (ABA) Section of Dispute Resolution; Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) ~ American Arbitration Association; Council for Affordable and Rural Housing (CARH) ~ Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR)


 Wentworth Institute of Technology, Architectural Engineering Degree Harvard University Graduate School, H.I.A.F. Cert. Licensed Construction Supervisor for Buildings of all types and sizes.


Recipient of the Massachusetts Senate Citation for outstanding construction and development accomplishments ~ recipient of citation from the Governor's Office for services as an arbitrator for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; recipient of numerous commendations from parties for service as an ADR neutral; recipient of " Evaluation of Excellent" from various ADR organizations for past case services.