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      A professional mediator since 1998, he brings a unique scientific perspective to the table.  He worked his way through college on various construction projects and as an inspector on water and sewer line construction. During his hydrogeologic consulting years, Mr. Cerrillo developed his mediation/facilitation skills while serving as a project and office manager.  On both national and international projects he deals effectively with multi-discipline, multi-cultural personnel, clients, and government entities. Mr. Cerrillo strives for a collaborative problem solving approach in his ADR practice.


  Mr. Cerrillo has a BS and an MS from Syracuse University and Colorado State University, specializing in geology and hydrogeology respectively. He obtained a certificate for environmental and public policy dispute resolution in 1998 from CDR Associates, and has been doing ADR work since that time. Recently, Mr. Cerrillo completed requirements for an Advanced Studies Certificate from Denver University in Alternative Dispute Resolution. He has a certificate for an advanced course on mediating land disputes from Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and a certificate of completion in Arbitration: Process & Practice from the University of Denver.


  • A major groundwater development project in Puerto Rico for large petro-chemical companies was stuttering along with different project coordinators increasing the time and cost of completion. Cultural differences between coordinators and contractors were the main problem. Mr. Cerrillo, working closely with local contractors, got the work completed on schedule, and generated additional work on the island.

  • A consulting firm working on coal mining and groundwater issues was being challenged by the coal company of not delivering. Mr. Cerrillo successfully negotiated between the owner of the consulting firm and the mine manager to resolve issues and obtain additional work for the consulting firm.

  • A $13 million dollar groundwater development project in Africa was two years along when conflict amongst the various teams broke down and work was at a standstill. Mr. Cerrillo was hired as team leader to reinvigorate the teams and get the project completed. Work was accomplished within the time constraints of the project, including the preparation of a 6-volume report to USAID.

 Mr. Cerrillo has mediated/facilitated over 100 cases involving a broad category of disputes for the Jefferson County Mediation Program.  Additionally he has mediated/facilitated land disputes, conducted arbitration of water related disputes, and given expert testimony on water related conflicts.


     Mr. Cerrillo has been active in professional organizations throughout his career. He was a principal organizer and first president of the Colorado Groundwater Association ▪ National President of the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) ▪ Colorado Section President of AIPG ▪ member of the Colorado Geological Survey Advisory Committee and the Minerals, Energy, and Geology Advisory Board (6 years) ▪ member of the Jefferson County, Colorado, Mountain Groundwater Resource Study Steering Committee (4 Years) ▪ CTM in Toastmasters ▪ and a current  member of the Association of Conflict Resolution.