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Ronald J. Sikorski

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Ronald J. Sikorski’s “hands on knowledge and hard work ethics” as a skilled professional in construction and engineering projects for over 20 years has earned Mr. Sikorski a high degree of respect among his many customers and colleagues. Mr. Sikorski is an experienced and licensed custom homebuilder and re-modeler who has in-depth knowledge of the construction process and common industry practices/standards in virtually all phases of construction. Additionally, Mr. Sikorski, as a result of his job as a staff engineer working on mechanical and electrical engineering projects at Sandia National Laboratories   located in Albuquerque, NM, understands the underlying concepts and theories that are to be utilized in a construction project.

Mr. Sikorski fully understands the complex, detailed issues in the different phases of construction starting with the “as designed” home on “blueprints” and culminating in the “as built”, completed home.  Entering the construction field in 1984, Mr. Sikorski quickly built a foundation base in construction through practical experience, and by apply technical engineering practices and business management knowledge and skills to the various aspects of the construction process including owner/contractor contracts, cost planning/tracking, estimating, price/quality performance requirements, building codes, subcontractor relationships, change orders, and scheduling as well as managing and executing the “as designed” to “as built” process from initial site layout and preparation to finished product.

Mr. Sikorski’s passion for high quality workmanship and excellence resulted in the opening of Monticello Homes in 1996 where Mr. Sikorski currently serves as President.  Our company goal is “to meet and exceed customer expectations on each and every project relative to price, quality and schedule” and this can best be reflected by the master workmanship in the finished product as exhibited in several past homes entered in the annual fall “Albuquerque Parade of Homes” festival.  Mr. Sikorski fully understands the delicacy of the consumer – contractor relationship throughout a project, the consequences that may occur when one or both parties do not meet contractual obligations and / or expectations.

Coupling professional skills, knowledge, and the many years of experience in engineering, construction, and business management with the latest principles and techniques in mediation and arbitration, Mr. Sikorski is highly adept and effective as a mediator / arbitrator professional in breadth and depth of subject matter, knowledge, and skill across the broad spectrum of construction disputes.


Mr. Sikorski received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics and Physics (Magna Cum Laude) from the University of Scranton, Scranton, Pa. In 1978, Ron received an MBA in Finance/Business Law, (Magna cum Laude) from the Anderson School of Management, University of New Mexico, and has since taken many post graduate courses in electrical and mechanical engineering at the University of New Mexico while working as a staff engineer at Sandia National Labs, Albuquerque, NM.


Arbitration Training Program - A comprehensive training seminar in the rapidly changing field of case settlement by arbitration where the latest techniques, procedures, rules, and practices are presented to obtain a fair and equitable resolution in a timely, cost effective manner using the arbitration method of alternate dispute resolution. (John Marshall School of Law, Chicago Illinois, 2005).

Advanced Mediation Conflict Resolution  - A course to effectively utilize and adeptly manage the alternative dispute resolution process (ADR). (University of New Mexico School of Law, Albuquerque, NM, 2005).

Arbitration Training Program – a course in the theory, practice, and rules of arbitration given by UNM Law School adjunct professors and tailored to the specific rules and procedures of Construction Dispute Resolution Services, LLC (Construction Dispute Resolution Services, LLC, Santa Fe, NM, 005).

Construction Contracts / Construction Law – A seminar that provided a framework on the essential ingredients of a construction contract and how the state and federal laws interact and govern are applied to a construction process and the clauses specified in the contract (Lorman Education Services, Albuquerque, NM, 2005).

Essential Mediation Training – A foundation course in the underlying principles, processes, and skills required to effectively mediate a dispute (University of New Mexico Law School, Albuquerque, NM, 2004).

Metro Court Mediation  - Practical mediation of cases in the city of Albuquerque  metro court division from November 2004 to present.

Decorative Concrete Training – A training course to use concrete as a decorative finish for floors, walls, walkways, and patios. Techniques for preparing the site, preparing the mix, adding ingredients to concrete, such as color, and using stamps to create designs. At the Stamp Store in Oklahoma City, OK, July, 2003)

Structured Wiring for Audio, Video, and Home Automation – A course on the latest materials, methods and procedures for efficient, price effective .low voltage wiring for audio, video, and computer networking in a residential home. At Home Tech Solutions, Cupertino, Ca., 2003.

Constructing Straw Bale Homes – A course for contractors on the fundamentals of constructing a residential, straw bale homes.  (Placitas, New Mexico, 1997).


Mr. Sikorski has worked in the construction industry since 1985 and Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM as a staff engineer since 1984.  As a Laboratory staff engineer, Mr. Sikorski worked at the Lab’s Robotics Center for eight years on numerous projects involving the mechanical design of parts that included part design, preparation of blueprint drawings/schematics, materials science problems, and stress and load balancing analysis.  Over the past five years, Mr. Sikorski has been working on electrical circuit design for various Lab projects.

Entering the construction field as a trim carpenter and general foreman in 1984, Mr. Sikorski became involved in all phases of construction from site preparation to resolving the problems on owners punch list. At each inspection point, Mr. Sikorski checked that the necessary work was complete per the plans and specifications and for conformance with all building codes. Mr. Sikorski would frequently resolve disputes between contractor – subcontractors as well as contractor – owner.  In 1996, Mr. Sikorski started Monticello Custom Homes, a company that is dedicated to the goal of providing a product that meets and exceeds customer goals.  Mr. Sikorski understands that most major complaints by home owner’s involve the finishing details of the home, and that the majority of these complaints could have been avoided if the owner and contractor had mutually agreed upon requirements / standards clearly stated at the onset of the project, the expectations of the owner are thoroughly understood and agreed upon by both parties, and the contractor had detected and resolved the problem when it occurred.  The key to successful home building is planning, execution, and “hands on” management of the construction process and related activities. By focusing on these two areas, the contractor can provide a product that meets and exceeds customer goals as stated on the plans and specifications agreed upon. The ability to decompose the project’s related activities into manageable tasks, follow the correct sequencing of tasks as the home goes from “as designed” to “as built”  and to manage the details of each task (i.e., with change orders) dictates the level of quality in the finished product. As one said, “It is all in the details”. 

Mr. Sikorski firmly believes that any construction dispute can be best settled using mediation and arbitration because each party has a heavily vested interest in resolving the problem in a cost effective and expeditious manner.  In the near term of any construction dispute, the contractor wants to be paid and / or move on to his next job while the owner wants a finished home. Second, litigation of construction disputes is time consuming, expensive, and usually will extend from two to four years. Even in simple cases, either party is at “high risk” for a favorable judgment because disputed issues in construction cases become complex, difficult, and subjective for both the judge and jury due to the shear volume of paper and a lack of understanding and knowledge by the judge and/or jury to fully grasp the construction process, the terminology of the industry, and the generally acceptable codes/standards/practices to make a fair and equitable judgment.

Mr. Sikorski believes that being a complete “neutral” from the perspective of both parties, providing a constructive environment for the mediation/arbitration process,  and applying “fair standards” independent of the will of either side will  result in a satisfaction level by both parties that a fair and equitable resolution was reach and the vital interests of each party were preserved.


HBACNM - Home Builders Association of Central New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico. A charter association dedicated to improve conditions in the construction industry, thereby providing the citizens of New Mexico with safe, quality housing. Registered as a custom home builder. Albuquerque, NM.

NMHBA - New Mexico Home Builders Association. An association that works to improve the community, enhance individual's standard of living, and to make the "American Dream" of home ownership a reality for more New Mexicans. Albuquerque, NM.

NAHB – National Association of Home Builders. NAHB is a trade association that helps to promote the policies that make housing a national priority. Washington, DC. 

ABA - American Bar Association. The ABA provides continuing legal education, information about the law, programs to assist lawyers and judges in their work, and initiatives to improve the legal system for the public. Registered as an ADR practitioner. Washington DC.

NMMA - New Mexico Mediation Association. The NMMA mission is to promote the concept of mediation as a method of resolving disputes, educate the general public regarding the benefits of mediation, and provide a network of information exchange for the mediation community in the State of New Mexico.