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Jerry Carter, an award winning and proactive leader in his field, has been a custom home builder in the Dallas Metroplex for over 35 years with a reputation for fairness and integrity.  Jerry brings innovative management skills, a strong communications background, a vast knowledge of his industry and a comprehensive consumer protection expertise to CDRS.

Jerry is the Owner and President of Jerry Carter Homes, Inc. established in 1974.  He has built a solid foundation for his family and the homebuilding industry around his hometown of Garland, Texas.  He is dedicated to protecting his craft and recognizes home ownership is the backbone of our national economy.  His company specializes in energy efficient high performance homes, renovations of existing homes, and small commercial builds and finish-outs. 

Jerry has served the home building industry on the local, state, and national levels.  Community service and volunteerism are a large part of his life.   He chaired the committee for the Texas Association of Builders that worked with Texas A&M University and several interested groups to create the statewide construction performance standards which ultimately had national implications.

Jerry joined the HBA of Greater Dallas in 1976 and has served on its board in numerous capacities including its President.  The same holds true for the Texas Association of Builders where he has also served as the state President.  His commitment to the National Home Builders Association is equally important to him.  He presently serves on several national committees and is recognized as a local, state, and national Life Director. 

A graduate of the University of Texas (Arlington) – School of Engineering ,  Jerry also has the National Association of Builders distinctions of Graduate Master Builder (GMB),  Certified Graduate Builder (CGB) and  Certified Green Professional (CGP). 


             Member National Association of Home Builders, 1976- present

                           National Director, 1979 to 1984 & National Director 1997- present

                           State & Local Presidents’ Council (Regional Coordinator for 8 states), 1999-2000

                           Custom Builders Committee, 2002-2005

                           NAHB State Representative from Texas, 2003-2005

                           NAHB Executive Board, 2002-2005

                           Resolutions Committee, 2005- present

                           Federal Government Affairs Committee – 2006- 2009

                           State and Local Government Affairs Committee – 2007- 2009

                           Build PAC Trustee – 2005-2009

                           Elected Life Director – 2007

                           First Vice-Chair State & Local Governmental Affairs - 2011

             Member Texas Association of Builders, 1976 - present

                           Director, 1997 - present

                           Government Relations Committee, 2001- present

                           Building Standards Task Force, 2002-2004

                           Executive Committee, 2002 - 2009

                           Building Standards Co-Chairman, 2003-2004

                           Legislative Control Group for House Bill 730 – 78th Legislature Jan. 14, 2003 –

                                        June 15, 2003

                           Legislative Issues Fund Group, 2003- 2007

                           Area 1 – Vice President, 2003-2004

                           State Storm Water Regulations Task Force, Chairman, 2003-2006

                           Member Storm Water Regulations Task Force, 2006 - present

                           Elected Life Director - 2004

                           Vice President/Secretary – 2005

                           1st Vice President – 2006

                           President – 2007

                           Chairman – Nominations Committee, 2008-2009

                           Chairman – Credentials & Resolutions Committee, 2008-2009

                           Co-Chairman – Texas Hall of Honor / Founding Board of Governors,


                           TRCC- Rapid Response Team for 81st State Legislature, Jan.09-Jun.09

             Member Home Builders  Association of Greater Dallas 1976 - present

                       Director, 1979 - 1982 & 1987 - 1988, & 1995 - 2000

Registered Professional Builder Committee, 1980-1982, Chairman 1981- 82

                          Builder Realtor Committee, 1986-1987, Founded Golden Eagle Awards

                           Nominating Committee, 1988-1989, 1995, 1997-2003

                                        (Chairman Nominating Committee 2001)

                           Fiscal Affairs & Events Consolidation Committee - 1995                  

                           Executive Committee, 1995-2000, 2002-2004, 2007-2008

                           2nd Vice President/Secretary, 1996-1997

                           Government Relations Committee, 1995-1998

                           Chairman Government Relations Committee, 1997-1998                             

                           Long Range Planning Committee - 1996

                           Fiscal Management Committee - 1997

                           Building Committee, 1997-1999

                           Economic Summit Task Force - 1997

                           1st  Vice President, 1997-1998

                           Greater DFW Spring Tour of New Homes - Dallas - 1998

                                        Sponsorship Chairman

                           McSAM  Awards -  Personal  Achievement Awards - Judge  1997-1998

                           Spring Tour of New Homes - Dallas Vice-Chairman - 1999

                           President of Home Builders Association of Greater Dallas, 1998-1999       

                           Spring Tour of New Homes - Dallas Chairman - 2000

                                        (Largest New Home Show in the nation of the time)

                           Elected Life Director - 1999

                           Long Range Planning Committee - 2002

                           Education Committee - 2002

                           Co-Chairman HOMEPAC, 2002-2004

                           Big Home Tour – Chairman, 2009

                           Long Range Planning Committee – 2009

                           Green Built Texas Board Member – 2009

                           Executive Officer Search Committee - 2010

Member Metro East Division- Home Builders Association of Greater Dallas

                           2nd Vice President, 1977-1978

                           1st Vice President, 1978-1979, & 1986-1987

                           President 1979-1980, 1987-1988 & 1993-1994

                           Nominating Committee, 1978-2000              

Gene Ausley Memorial Scholarship Committee, 1978-1992

                           GISD Building Trades Program - School Liason, 1992-2002

                           Board of Directors – 1977-present

             Fund Raising Committee, 1977-2000

             Energy Code Development Committee – Chairman, 1977

             Metro East Golf Classic 1987 - Co-Chair Players 1994/Chair-1995/Chair

                                        Players - 2000

                           Chairman Builder Developer - City Relations Committee, 1984-2000

                                        1.  Metered Construction Power

                                        2.  Energy Code

                                        3.  Street & Alley Construction & Design

                                        4.  Weekend Sign Ordinance

                                        5.  Storm Water Management


Member Garland Business Development Board for Texas Commerce Bank1986-1987      

Member Lakeside Board of Realtors, 1987- 2005

             Member Realtor/Builder Committee  - 1987

             Director - Texas General Title Company,  1981-1984

             Member Custom One Builders Group - North Texas Region, Sec./Treas.  1984-1985

             Chairman CBUSA-Dallas Custom Builders Purchasing Group - 2011

Community Service  

City of Garland - Boards & Committees

                           Housing Standard Board - 1977-1979

                           Building & Fire Codes Advisory & Appeals Board - 1979-1986

                                        Chairman 1984-1986 (Brought City of Garland under the Uniform

                                        Family of Codes for Building, Fire, Mechanical & Electrical)

                           Bond Study Committee – Streets - 1977

                           Bond Study Committee – Streets - 1981(Chairman)

                           Bond Study Committee – Streets - 1984

                           Committee for development new standards for Subdivision Paving &

                                        Street Sizing 1981

                           Committee for placement of Temporary Directional Signs - 1985

                           Swimming Pool Fencing Committee - 1986               

                           Retaining Wall Design Committee - 1987

                           Zoning Ordinance Review Committee - 1989-1990

                           Bond Study Committee - Streets 1991 (Chairman)

                           Single Family Development Standard Committee - 1993

                           South Area Plan Implementation Committee - 2002-2003

                           South Area Plan Implementation Committee Vice-Chairman - 2003- 2006

                           Blue Ribbon Committee to Develop Rental Housing Standards, Inspection, &

                                        Enforcement - 2006

Garland Chamber of Commerce

                           Member since 1976

                           Garland Image Committee - 1979

                           Chamber Accreditation Committee - 1985

                           Retail Revitalization Committee - 1985-1989

                           Retail Development Committee - 1989-1990

Awards - Professional

             Awarded Registered Professional Builder Status in 1976

             Awarded “Life Spike” Status by National Association of Home Builders - 1979

             Winner of the 1986 “Award of Excellence” & “Best Interior Merchandising”

                           award for the new homes over $175,000.00 by Custom One Builders

                           Group during Texas Showcase of Homes

             Winner of 1987 “McSam Award” by Dallas Association of Home Builders for

                           Best Interior Design of Luxury Home

             Awarded “Decade of Excellence Award” Home Owners Warranty Corporation

                           of America - 1987

             Awarded “75 Penny” Life Spike by National Association of Home Builders- 1987

             Winner of 1994 “People’s Choice Award”  Buffalo Creek Tour of Homes

                           Grande Tour of Homes-Buffalo Creek Golf Development/Heath, Texas

Finalist 1995 “McSam Award” Dallas Association of Home Builders for Best

                           Architectural Design $300,000.00 to $500,000.00 Luxury Home

             Winner 1995 “Outstanding Quality & Craftsmanship” Buffalo Creek Tour of

                           Homes at Buffalo Creek Golf Course Development/Heath, Texas

             Winner 1995 “Outstanding Quality  & Craftsmanship” Dallas Home and

                           Apartment Builders Association, Yellow Rose Showcase of Homes,

                           $250,000.00 -$300,000.00.  Also Judges’ Blue Ribbon Award for Outstanding Finish

             Winner 1996 New Home Tour of Dallas “Outstanding Media Room”

             Awarded “1997 Hugh Prather Award for Outstanding Community Service” by

                           the Home and Apartment Builders Association of Metropolitan Dallas.    

             Winner 1998 Spring Tour of New Homes - “Best use of Exterior Brick Design.

             Awarded “Certified Graduate Builder” Status - 1998

             Awarded “100 Penny” Life Spike by NAHB - 1999

             Awarded “Life Director” Status of Dallas HBA- 1999            

             Finalist 2000 Greater DFW Spring Tour of New Homes - Best Furnished Home

 $250,000.00 - $300,000.00, also Judges’ Blue Ribbon Award for “Outstanding Media Room”

               Awarded “Graduate Master Builder” - 2000 (One of 1st 250 in the nation - 1st 30 in Texas)

             Winner “Vesta Award”-“Best Whole House Renovation under $200,000.00”-2003              Awarded “150 Penny” Life Spike by NAHB - 2004

             Named “Builder of the Year” – Texas Association of Builders – 2004

             Presidential Distinguished Service Recognition from HBA of Greater Dallas-2007

Named “Honored Life Director”(only two awarded since 1955) from Metro East   

             Division of HBA of Greater Dallas, 2007

Awarded “200 Penny” Life Spike by NAHB – 2008

ARC Award for Construction of  “Best Addition to Existing Home from $100K to

             $500K, 2009

Recipient “Ted Schlossman Lifetime Achievement Award” by Texas

             Association of Builders, 2009

Awarded “Certified Green Professional” – 2009 by National Association of Home


Awards - Civic

             Named as “Paul Harris Fellow” by Rotary International - 1988

             Advisory Board - Garland Junior League - 1996-1997

Received  Garland Chamber of Commerce “Tall Texan” Award - 2006



2003 – Texas Association of Builders - Developed an “Alternate Prescriptive

Energy Use Table”.  This was adopted as the first approved energy calculations to meet the International Energy Conservation Code for construction of new homes for the State of Texas.

2004 – National Association of Home Builders -  State and Local GovernmentAffairs --  Helped create “The Right to Repair Legislation (HB730)” for the state of Texas.  As a member of the committee, helped to create     legislation used by approximately 20             states as a basis for consumer/builder dispute resolutions.

             2006 – Texas Association of Builders – Work with Texas Commission on

                           Environmental Quality to assist in Texas achieving air quality numbers &

                           avoiding construction schedule restriction and prohibitions

             2007 – President of Texas Association of Builders (led Association from 7th

                           to  3rd in membership for the Nation)

             2008 -  Chairman, Texas Association of Builders – Storm Water Committee,

                           caused first of its kind agreement between EPA, the Texas Commission on

Environmental Quality, & the Texas building industry to work together  on a pilot program to better educate, inform, and assist developers & builders with regard to environmental compliance with Federal & State storm water  regulations.

2010 -  Recognized by D Home Magazine as one of the “Best Builders in Dallas”

             2011 -  Recognized by D Home Magazine as one of the “Best Builders in Dallas”