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Jay Rhein

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Jay Rhein


Chosen for his resourceful approach to finding resolutions, Jay Rhein has been featured in a Public Broadcast Service special on the advent of the use of mediation in the new millennium. Jay brings a rich assortment of experiences to his mediation practice, particularly in the areas of construction, business and international trade.

Having served as the Trade Ambassador to the Marshall Islands, Jay was charged with the responsibility to help companies build factories in the Marshall Islands. This has given him the privilege of negotiating and problem solving with people at all levels, from presidents of third world countries, CEO's of major corporations on through the broad spectrum of people and job titles. This allows him to call upon a wide-ranging array of creative possible resolutions to brainstorm with the parties.

In the special case of business disputes, the entrepreneuring spirit in Jay drives him to help both parties arrive at a resolution - one which will serve as the new starting point for the profitable continuation of commerce between the two companies.

Jay’s background in construction began with his college education. He paid his way through UCLA by working as a construction worker while pursuing his degree. This grounding, along with Jay’s work as a former insurance broker and real estate agent, has broadened his knowledge of the complexities faced by the builders, insurance companies and customers.

Jay’s training includes advanced courses and seminars on mediation and arbitration taken at Pepperdine University School of Law, Western State University College of Law, Institute for Conflict Management, and the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

Jay is a panel member for the Orange County Superior Court, the District Attorney’s Office and the United States Postal Service.

Jay has created dynamic two-day seminars on the “Art of Negotiation” and “Mediation in the Workplace” that members of the Fortune 500 companies send their employees to.

Jay has conducted hundreds of mediations, arbitrations and neutral evaluations in a diverse array of disputes.

Issues related to Construction include;

Construction Defect, Toxic Mold, Insurance Coverage, Building Code Compliance, Construction Administration, Contract Compliance, Cost Estimating, Professional Negligence, Earthquake Hazard, Flooring and Floor Covering, Wood and Steel Framing, Reinforced Concrete, Roofing, Waterproofing, Scheduling and Delays, Steps, Stairs and Railings, Structural Failure, Water Intrusion, Flooding, Real Estate Contract, Broker Fee Disputes, Fraud.

Issues related to Commerce and other include:

Intellectual Property, Breach of Contract, Partnership Dissolution, Probate, Securities, Landlord-Tenant, Personal Injury, Embezzlement, Simultaneous Civil and Criminal Proceedings, Wrongful Death.

Extra Curricular Activities

Former proud member of the UCLA gymnastics team.

Filmmakers Alliance - Co-Chair of the Screen Writer’s Group.

Volunteer - Huntington Beach Fire Department