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Personal Details:

Date of Birth : 12 February 1968

Nationality : Romania

Resides : Bucharest, ROMANIA

Present Position : - Independent Consultant –

- Construction Disputes Adjudication/ Resolution

Education and Training:

§         MSc degree in Roads Engineering, alumni of Construction Institute, Bucharest, Romania - Highways, Bridges and Railroads Faculty, 1989-1994;

§         Mediator/ Disputes Board Member graduate of first FIDIC Dispute Board pupillage mentoring scheme (http://www1.fidic.org/resources/adjudicators/pupilage.html) Feb 2006 – May 2007;

§         Several courses in FIDIC Conditions of Contract, Disputes Boards Duties and Chairing

General Overview:

Florin NICULESCU is has some 15 years of experience in the field of civil engineering, having worked in the field of design, works supervision, works execution, International Finance Institutions, procurement and now in the field of contracts administration and particularly, in the field of construction disputes adjudication/ resolution.

He works as freelance consultant, running his own enterprise and collaborating with numerous world recognised companies, both in the country and abroad, having provided consultancy support services for large a number of construction projects, including major ones.  In that position, he built an excellent reputation as an experienced and impartial construction professional

Aside his regular activities, he is also an excellent trainer in procurement, Conditions of Contract, Works Contracts implementation and Works Contracts Disputes.

During his activity, Florin NICULESCU has specialised in dealing with contentious issues and particularly, resolution and avoidance of disputes, now acting as an independent practitioner in the field. He provides on that basis, expert opinion and findings on contractual matters, including provision of volunteer advice on contractual/ contentious matters to various people in the industry around the world.

Florin NICULESCU is listed as a suitable Dispute Boards member by international organisations such as Disputes Resolution Board Foundation (USA) and Polish Association of Consulting Engineers.

Aside his knowledge in contractual matters, he also possesses good technical skills, and a sound understanding of contract and construction law. These knowledge are backed up by excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

He has particular expertise in FIDIC contract conditions, with large experience in transport infrastructure and environmental projects.

Worldwide availability as Disputes Adjudication/ Resolution Boards member or mediator. For full information please visit www.abinitio.ro.

Professional Membership:

§         Fellow of Romanian Professional Association of Roads and Bridges;

§         Fellow of Romanian Inter-Ministerial Council for Road Safety

§         Fellow of the Disputes Resolution Board Foundation (DRBF) of United States – nominee on DRBF President’s Disputes Board Members List www.drb.org and of DRBF Chapter for Eastern Europe http://dabdrb.googlepages.com

§         Supporting establishment of Global Road Safety Partnership Romania

§         Fellow of Polish Association of Consulting Engineers (SIDiR) – nominee on SIDiR President’s Disputes Board Members National List http://www.sidir.pl/sidir/index.php?action=czlonkowie&a2=r

§         Member of “AllExperts.com” volunteers pool http://www.allexperts.com/user.cgi?m=4&expID=85358&catID=914

Member of the "Constructions Disputes Resolution Services” International Panel of Construction ADR Specialists" of United States www.constructiondisputes-cdrs.com