B. J. FENOGLIO, SRA, IFAS, GAA, CRA: Bill (B. J.) has been working with Real Estate Appraisals and Real Estate Sales for over 35 years. Prior to the Real Estate Profession, Bill work at Sears Roebuck and Company in the contracting division for installation of Sears Products and worked with around 25 different sub‐contractors on his staff of fence installers, appliance installers, water heater installers, roofing installers and central heat and air installers. He also managed the Sears Commercial Sales (Division 400) and sold appliances, carpet, washer and dryers and central heat and air units for both commercial and retail and other construction items to builders at commercial pricing.

Bill started BJF Appraisals for real estate in 1988 and afterward formed a partnership with Harper/Fenoglio (1990 -1992). He has worked in a MAI Office in Wichita Falls, Texas (1984), managed a MAI Office in Dallas (1987) and was an associate with Bolton Hall Appraisals in Arlington, Texas (1998). Bill has two offices; on located in Henrietta, Texas, and one located in Rowlett, Texas. The Henrietta office is the main controlling office. BJF Appraisals is a full circle appraisal office, performing appraisals for mortgage finance, new construction, estate settlement, divorce and commercial units. Bills’ scope of appraisals consists of residential, commercial, VA Appraisals, FHA Appraisals, Review Appraisals and expert witness for bankruptcy and structural defects. Bill is Appraisal Licensed in Texas and Oklahoma and also holds a Brokers Real Estate License in both states.

Bill is also a Mediator for the Dispute Mediation Services of Dallas and also practices his own mediation services. He is also an arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau of Washington, D. C, for Lemon Law Cases (automobile defects) and on the panel of arbitrators for the State of Texas Tax Appraisal Districts Arbitration for property tax appeals. Bills specialty areas are in construction problems, structural issues, foundation problems, divorce property settlement, business decision and finance disputes, division of real and personal property and other related items. Some of Bills’ special training is basic mediation, family mediation, EEOC mediation, and heavy background in construction from assessment and quality of construction.

Prior to appraising, Bill worked as Staff Manager with Sears in Wichita Falls, Texas (1961-1976) in hardware, paint and electrical, interior decoration, installation and contractor sales; Whites Home and Auto in Houston, Texas, (1979 -1980) as store manager; Building Materials Department Manager with Montgomery Wards in Dallas, Texas (1980) as building materials manager; Store Manager with Wiener Lumber Company and Store Manager with Caruth Home Center and Lumber Company in Dallas, Texas, and Assistant Manager with Sterling’s Catalogue Showroom in Richardson, Texas.

Bill is married to Linda Kay (Ulrich) Fenoglio of Wichita Falls, Texas, and Moore, Oklahoma, and has one son Nolan in Rowlett, Texas, and one daughter Lori in Henrietta, Texas. He currently lives in Henrietta where he manages his appraisal business and operates the family farm/ranch in Stanfield Community along the Red River. Bill also maintains a second home in Rowlett, Texas, from where he operates his second appraisal office. Bill was born in Stanfield Community, Clay County, Texas (10/19/1940) and graduated from Henrietta High School in Henrietta, Texas (1959)He attended Texas s Tech University in Lubbock, Texas (1959), University of Hawaii in Honolulu, Hawaii (1967-69) and graduated from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas with a BBA in General Business and finances (1972) and completed one year of graduate work from Midwestern State (1973). He also served with the U. S Navy in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and the Navy Reserve in Wichita Falls, Texas.